About CameraChops Street Photography

Hello and welcome to CameraChops Street Photography.

I’ve been photographing for over 30 years and I’ve have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the greats of photography. Along the way, I’ve photographed Olympians and Prime Ministers.

This blog has come about from my love of observing people and also travel. While I will, in an idle moment, photograph a sunset or a statue these subjects generally leave me cold. One interesting person caught with a magnificent gesture will make my day !

Unlike many photographers who work on the street I never pose photographs, preferring to interact with subjects from afar, so all the pictures you see here are mine and unposed.

At its core, CameraChops is centered around street photograph. I’m not really sure what this term means as it could also encompass travel photography wedding photography etc. etc. so I’ll stick to the literal interpretation.

Please enjoy.


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