Online Photographic Workshops

Learn the basics of street photography and composition from the comfort of your own home.


Take part in an online photographic workshop of no more than 10 people

The Technology

The online photographic workshop can be accessed through your web browser in HD video

Premium Material

The multimedia course has been created over 5 years and contains in depth tuition.

The Online Photographic Workshop

We have been running street photography courses, with a heavy emphasis on composition for many years, including at the prestigious London Member’s Club, Home House.

Now that most of us have access high speed internet and good quality webcams, these 3 hour group courses have now moved online and provide an online photographic workshop .

These Courses are fun and people form firm friendships in the group and have a number of people that return for further inspiration.

Participants are invited to send in 3 pictures before the workshop so that the group can (very gently) critique each other’s work.

Critiquing my work is mandatory !

street photography of man in mumbai caught in a storm

Topics Covered in the Online Photographic Workshop Include:

Safely Photographing Strangers on The Street

We'll show you how to safely and properly photograph strangers on the street. We understand that if you've never done this before it can be daunting !

Basic Composition

Many photographers never discover the secrtets of composition so we'll take some time to go over the basic ideas taught to artists for hundreds of years.

Use of Colours

You can of course just use black and white, but the proper use of colour will open your eyes.

How to Develop Your "Eye"

We'll demonstrate how to view a scene and the elements that may be important (as well as the ones you'll want to avoid).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our 3 hour workshops cost £50 (approximately $62) You can book here.

We run courses on Saturdays  and Sundays at 10:00 and 15:00 GMT

They last for 3 hours.

Please note that in order to make timings easier for our foreign visitors, all times are GMT. Book here.

As long as you’re enthusiastic, you need only minimal experience of taking photographers, althouygh this workshop is more suited to mirrorless / DSLR cameras rather than mobile phones. The furthest we go in this workshop into technical issues are shuter speeds and f stops. Book here

We generally take a 15 minute break half way through and then go through to the end.

We often end up chatting about cameras and photography for longer, though ! Book Here

You don’t need any camera at allfor this workshop as we’ll be going through your own picrures and a detailed presentation. However, this course is aimed an enthusiastic photographers, so isn’t really suitable for mobile phone photographers. Book here

A web cam, browser and internet connection

That’s it ! Book here

If you can’t connect due to technical problems you will receive and immediate and full refund. Book here

You’ll receive an email about 10 mins before the workshop with a link. You click on the link and the session will start in your browser.

Microsoft Edge is the best broswer, but the session will work just as well in Chrome or Firefox. Book here

If you’ve not used video conferencing before, once you’ve signed up for a workshop drop me an email here and we’ll arrange a time well in advance of to make sure you can connect.

If, for any reason, we can’t get you up and running you’ll get a full and immediate refund. Book here

Most people seem happy to drop thousands of dollars / pounds on a camera and then only take pictures of their wives / husbands / children / pets.

It’s a shame because a few hours can open your eyes to the artistic and compositional side of photography which many never see. Book here

No ! we have people from all over the world at our Workshops.

You just need to be able to speak English ! Book Here

English – we are based in London, United Kingdom. Book here


Take a look at the pictures on this site. All of them are mine and unstaged. If you like them, great ! Book here

The Course in more detail

These are the topics we aim to cover in the 3 hour workshop

Your Own Photographs
  • We’ll spend a little time looking at three of your own photographs and discussing with the group what makes them work and how they could be made even better
Camera setting and backgrounds
  • How best to capture people on the street – shutter speed, f stops and zone focussing
  • An easy way to keep your backgrounds decluttered
  • Why so many people forget this
  • Why they are the most important element in the picture
  • Highlighting the subject
Photographing strangers
  • How to safely photograph strangers
  • Who to avoid
  • common sense and legallity
Colour and composition
  • Basic colour theory
  • Composition rules (or are they recipes ?)
  • The importance for photographers in watching well shot movies.
Other topics
  • Waiting for the scene to develop versus reaction shots
  • Cliches
  • Suggested photographers

What Previous Workshop Participants Say

"Thank you for the course on Saturday ! We both found it a really inspiring day and we learn a lot. We particularly appreciated your passion for street photography"
from London
"Thank you so much for the photography workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I now feel inspired to do more. I’ve also been paying more attention to the film makers and their use of composition. I was in the middle of watching Luther for the second time when you mentioned it and must say the recipes do apply constantly, especially the square and rectangle."
From London
"The course was very relaxed and yet full of memorable information which I am going to try and put into practise. The day was divided up into very manageable lengths of time and at no point became boring or too technical for a complete beginner like myself :-)"
From London
"Many thanks for an interesting event yesterday. I do feel it’s given me renewed enthusiasm for photography!"
From London, UK
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