Light in San Francisco

Living in London, it’s easy to get dispirited from time to time with the light. From spending many years trying to objectively identify what is needed for good light, I think I’ve hit on 2 requirements – minimal pollution and being near the sea. London fails dismally on both counts. There’s often no sunshine, and

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Waiting for the picture with a 300mm lens

Many photographers wander around aimlessly, waiting for a picture to grab them. There’s nothing wrong with this way of operating, but it tends to consume vast amounts of time. Much better to find a nice background and wait a while. In the first photograph, one wet day on the Embankment in London I had spied

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Mamiya 7 and tunnel vision

So…this was taken with a Mamiya 7 in Budapest. An absolutely beautiful camera with a silent leaf shutter. It’s a tragedy that film is so expensive and (relatively) difficult to scan. You still absolutely cannot (as at January 2020) replicate the look of medium format film with digital equipment. Would I buy another Mamiya 7

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Emotions and speed

  Street photographers should always be on the lookout for emotions. It need not be as overt as a man banging in rage on the hood of the car – often the more fleeting gestures are just as powerful. Both these pictures could have been taken with almost any camera, but it had to be

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Medium format in 35mm...for a price

Nikon 58mm 1.2 Noct and medium format

Of course, you can’t replicate medium format using a traditional full frame sensor…physics gets in the way. However the Nikon 58mm 1.2 Noct gets quite close. This was shot in New York and shows that in order to get the “Noct” look, you need to be about 10 feet away from a subject, with other

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What is gesture ?

Gesture in photography is quite difficult to describe, but once you’ve seen it you will recognise it. It’s a certain arrogance…or maybe it’s when humans are in an unconcious and slightly oblivious state of tension or turmoil It’s often found in hands… or hands and hair…. or even feet…

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