So…this was taken with a Mamiya 7 in Budapest. An absolutely beautiful camera with a silent leaf shutter.

It’s a tragedy that film is so expensive and (relatively) difficult to scan. You still absolutely cannot (as at January 2020) replicate the look of medium format film with digital equipment.

Would I buy another Mamiya 7 now ? No. it’s filled with electronics that on their own slowly degrade with time. Unless they’re purely mechanical (like a Rolleiflex or an old Leica) it’s the same for all other cameras.

I bought a number of film Ricoh G’s in my time. But the LCD’s have failed in them all. I don’t know if anywhere that can repair them now.

I really don’t know why Nikon or Canon don’t produce a solid, purely mechanical camera, with maybe an uncoupled basic light meter which can fail without wrecking the camera.

Budapest is an old old city with that typical Eastern European air of crumbling masonry and dark streets illuminated with occasional pools of light.

If you’re in the habit of walking and looking forward for photographic opportunities (like a predator with tunnel vision) you’re missing out on a huge number of photographic opportunities.

Look up – you might see a cat resting on grating with his / her paws poking through.

What about going a stage further ? Try regularly looking behind you as you walk – that way you nearly double the number of opportunities.

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