Many photographers wander around aimlessly, waiting for a picture to grab them.

There’s nothing wrong with this way of operating, but it tends to consume vast amounts of time.

Much better to find a nice background and wait a while.

In the first photograph, one wet day on the Embankment in London I had spied the hallucinogenic hut a long way off and was walking towards it when I saw the umbrella bobbing over the man.

I was still way way away but luckily had an insanely long zoom lens in a micro four thirds camera. I think it was the 300mm something which equates to 600mm on a full frame camera.

Notice the way that the extreme telephoto has “squashed” the geometry of the hut.

What were the chances of Mr Horizontal walking in front of the scene ? This is course is why street photography is (occasionally) so fulfilling.

A similar technique used below in Covent Garden in London. Find a nice background and wait. I usually give it no more than 20 mins or so before moving on.

You have no idea what will happen. I mean, what were the chances that a girl with curly hair would walk past a curly poster ?

There are also some great videos on you tube from Sam Abell on this technique.


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